Attractions and sights

About the city

The town of Sarnitsa is located between the Velyushko-Videnishki section and Dabrash in one of the most attractive areas of the Western Rhodope Mountains. This charming corner of our homeland is unique in its landscape and geomorphological form. The town is situated by the Dospat River, which flows into the eponymous reservoir. The average altitude is 1,250 meters. For those who want to escape the hustle and bustle and the stress of the big city, here they will find the perfect opportunity for relaxation and rest amidst the enchanting nature of the Rhodope Mountains. Sarnitsa will captivate you with its unique combination of incredible nature and preserved patriarchal spirit, traditions, and customs, as well as the romantic atmosphere of bygone times.

Dospat Dam

For mountain, water, and fishing enthusiasts, the Dospat Dam is a true paradise located in the westernmost part of the Rhodope Mountains. And for those who simply love nature and peaceful places, they will discover a new meaning of the word “silence.” The proximity of the reservoir to the towns of Dospat and Sarnitsa, as well as the incredible nature, offer excellent opportunities for recreation and tourism. It is located on the Dospat River at an altitude of 1,200 meters. The reservoir is 19 km long and approximately 3 km wide. It is one of the largest reservoirs in Bulgaria, and the surrounding nature is remarkably beautiful.

Eco Trail “Sarnitsa eye” – “Stenata” (The Wall)

In the town of Sarnitsa, there are many mountain trails and interesting places, but the most remarkable one, “Sarnitsa Eye,” is tucked high in the mountains, from where you can see the entire Sarnitsa, Dospat, and the Dam. The area is equipped with a shelter and flowing water, and benches, a table, and a barbecue provide the perfect opportunity for picnics and barbecues. Prepare yourself with suitable mountain shoes, appropriate clothing, a water bottle to fill with cool spring water, enthusiasm, and a good mood, and head towards the forest. The path to the site is marked with signs for “Stenata,” and the route starts from Villa “Bor” on the opposite side of the dam.

Duration of the hike: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Suitable season for hiking the trail: spring, summer

Kasak Waterfall

The waterfall is located 1.1 km from the village of Kasak, Dospat. It is about 8 meters high, and below it, there is a designated area for relaxation with benches and tables. The best time to visit is during the spring floods or early summer. Access to the waterfall is via a black road. The hike takes about 35-40 minutes. Right in front of the waterfall, you will also find the first Gothic library in the Rhodope Mountains. Imagine this magnificent place in the forest, where birds sing, the scent of pine fills the air, the river murmurs, and a beautiful waterfall cascades over stones covered with grass and flowers. This perfect idyll would be complete with a book and something to eat. Well, the books are provided. You just need to pack a sandwich in your backpack, and there you have the perfect rest.

The Rock-Cut Menhir – Pobit Kamak Village

The rock-cut menhir is located in a wide meadow in the territory of Pobit Kamak village, Sarnitsa municipality, Pazardzhik region. It represents a standing rock “beaten” into the ground, hence its name, which is also the name of the nearby village. The stone is hollow, and one of its walls is covered with vegetation. It is believed that the Thracians used it for their sacred rituals. The rock formation is situated on private agricultural land. The journey from the village to the menhir takes about 15 minutes.