How to make a reservation?

To make a reservation, you need to contact the hotel by phone and confirm the availability of vacant rooms. When making the reservation, they will ask for two names and a contact phone number. Afterward, you’ll need to send a deposit, specifying the reservation date and name in the payment reference. The hotel will provide you with their bank account details for deposit transfer. Once you send the deposit, the hotel will send you a confirmation.

How do I send a deposit?

Deposit is sent by bank transfer to the bank account specified in the contact box. The date and name on which the reservation was made are indicated in the payment reference. A deposit can also be sent via Easy Pay.

Can I cancel a reservation if I cannot come on the reservation date?

Regarding the cancellation of a reservation if you’re unable to come on the scheduled date, please note that the deposited amount will not be refunded. Changing a reservation is possible only once, no later than 14 days prior to arrival, and subject to availability.

Can I accommodate with a pet?

As for accommodating pets, while we love pets, we are unable to allow them in the hotel during your stay in order to maintain the tranquility and comfort of all our guests.