Trip suggestions

Tour Option 1

Eagle’s Eye, Bujnovsko Gorge, Yagodina Cave, Devil’s Bridge

Distance: 50 km (1 hour and 10 minutes)

Eagle’s Eye

Nowhere else will you experience the same sensation as when you stand on the panoramic platform “Eagle’s Eye.” The road to “Eagle’s Eye” begins from Yagodina towards Mount Sveti Iliya. The ascent is exciting, and you can either hike or use the local jeep services to reach the summit. The more obstacles you overcome, the greater the adrenaline rush. Once you reach the top, the experience is indescribable. The platform is mounted on the edge of the cliffs of Mount Sveti Iliya, at an altitude of 1,563 meters. It offers an unforgettable view of the beauty of the Rhodope Mountains, the Pirin Mountains, and a small part of the Rila Mountains, as well as the mountains in Greece. The steel-concrete structure above the rocks can withstand three tons of weight. Standing on the platform is an unforgettable experience. The locals advise against climbing to the summit in bad weather because there are many thunderstorms. That’s why the peak is named after the master of thunder, St. Iliya.

Bujnovsko Gorge

600 meters below the platform lies the picturesque Bujnovsko Gorge, the longest in Bulgaria. It was formed between Yagodina and Teshel under the influence of the Bujnovska River, which carved the rocks over the years. It stretches over a distance of 10 km with huge rock formations towering above the river. In some places, they almost touch, creating the illusion that you can jump over them. Therefore, the narrowest part of the gorge is called “Wolf’s Leap” because wolves used to jump across the river from there in search of food. You can explore this natural phenomenon by car or on foot, following the road that runs alongside the river.

Yagodina Cave

After enjoying the breathtaking views from the Eagle’s Eye, your adventure can continue in the opposite extreme – descending into the underground kingdom of Yagodina Cave, which is part of the gorge. Yagodina Cave is the third longest cave in Bulgaria, with a length of 10,500 meters and an age of 275,000 years. At 4 meters from the entrance, the cave splits into two main galleries, which are rich in magnificent cave formations, stalactites, stalagmites, and underground rivers. Guided tours are available, providing insights into the cave’s unique geological features and its fascinating history.

Devil’s Bridge

After visiting Yagodina Cave, you can head to the next attraction – Devil’s Bridge. It is located near the village of Zabardo and is one of the symbols of the Rhodope Mountains. Devil’s Bridge is a natural arch formed by natural forces over thousands of years. The bridge is impressive with its beauty and grandeur. You can walk around the bridge and enjoy the majestic view.

Tour option 2

Trigrad Gorge, Vlachi Kamak (Wolf Stone), Dyavolskoto Garlo (Devil’s Throat), “Bear Museum”

Distance: 55 km (1 hour and 10 minutes)

Trigrad Gorge

Trigrad Gorge is the most magnificent gorge in Bulgaria. It ranks third in length after Buynovsko Gorge and Trunsko Gorge. It is located along the Trigrad River in the Western Rhodope Mountains, just 1.5 km north of the village of Trigrad.

Vlachi Kamak (Wolf Stone)

Heading from the gorge towards the village of Gyovren, you will reach the highest panoramic viewpoint on the Balkan Peninsula called Vlachi Kamak. It will leave you breathless, and the experience of climbing it will leave you with a unique emotion that you will remember for a long time. To enjoy it, however, you need to reserve a jeep in advance, which will be waiting for you near the village from where you will ascend. The viewpoint is located at an altitude of 1650 meters, around 100 meters higher than Orlovo Oko (Eagle’s Eye). From Vlachi Kamak, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the “tail” of Trigrad Gorge, which starts 1.5 km north of the village of Trigrad and continues north towards the village of Gyovren along the course of the Trigrad River. The gorge widens considerably around the village of Gyovren, with marble slopes covered in various karst formations and, in places, adorned with spruce and fir forests. The view is impressive, and you can see the Rila, Pirin, and Rhodope Mountains, as well as the territory of Greece, with the panoramic viewpoint of Orlovo Oko lying beneath you. At the very top, two interesting structures have been built, especially one of them. A tall panoramic platform, resembling a tower, stands about 10 meters above the highest part of the peak. These additional meters reveal an even more beautiful view all around and allow you to see a unique panoramic 360-degree vista. The second panoramic platform is built on a fascinating tree that grows out of the rock. It is made of wood, and beneath it lies a chasm. The view from there is super interesting and truly impressive.

“The Devil’s Throat”

“The Devil’s Throat” is one of the most interesting and unique caves in Bulgaria. It is located in the Trigrad Gorge, in the Rhodope Mountain region, 1.5 kilometers from the village of Trigrad and 17 kilometers from Devin. The cave is known as the “mystery of the Rhodopes” and offers breathtaking views and adventurous experiences to visitors.

The entrance of the cave resembles the shape of a devil’s head, which is the source of its dramatic name. As soon as you enter the cave, you will feel that you are about to experience something grand. The impressive rock formations resemble the size of the “Alexander Nevsky” Cathedral in Sofia.

Your path takes you through an artificial gallery that is 150 meters long and leads you to the enormous Roaring Hall. In its vicinity, you will see a carved image of a devil’s head on one of the walls. A few steps ahead, you will be faced with the magnificent underground waterfall that will leave you breathless. In the hall, you will also see a carved figure of an ancient man in full height. Your journey continues with an exciting ascent of 301 secured steps, passing by unique natural scenery. This is a true adrenaline experience that will take you back to the surface. Just before the exit, you will see a small spring with a carved miniature altar featuring the figure of the Virgin Mary.

It is interesting and unexplained how the waters of the underground waterfall disappear into a siphon gallery 400 meters from the cave entrance, only to emerge again in another neighboring cave called the “Devil’s Hole”. Cave clubs from all over Bulgaria organize expeditions with boats against the current of the underground river. It sounds extreme and fun, doesn’t it? Don’t miss the adventure of “The Devil’s Throat”! It’s something you haven’t seen before!

Tour option 3

Kovachevitsa, Leshen

Distance: 80 km (1 hour and 30 minutes)


The village of Kovachevitsa was declared a historical and architectural reserve in 1977. It preserves authentic 18th-century houses and the interesting St. Nicholas Church, built in the mid-19th century. The village is very pleasant for strolls.


Leshen is located near the ethnographic complex of Kovachevitsa. It features preserved and restored traditional Bulgarian houses.